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GSSC provides its clients the most effective solutions with a committed approach. Our team of consultants personally handles every step of each assignment following the strictest ethical standards.

Selection Procedure (Recruitment)

  • The first step involves the Client giving us the exact job specification, salary structure, numbers required and other terms and conditions of employment.
  • We then extract maximum CV’s from our databank.
  • In case we do not have enough CV’s we post the requirement on the Web and simultaneously place an advertisement in the Leading Newspaper. This is done upon mutual acceptance from the Client.
  • After careful consideration we forward a complete set of CV’s to the Clients for review and evaluation.
  • We request the Client to send us the names of short listed candidates and come over for personal Interviews as per their convenience.
  • We would be pleased to make final selection in case the Client or his Representative is unable to visit. Our execution engineer will conduct Trade Test / Personal Interview to obtain a deeper insight about the candidate.
  • After final selection by the Client, a formal letter is issued to the candidates and declaration is taken from them accepting the terms and conditions.
  • The selected candidates are sent for Medical Examination. The candidate is asked to submit their Medical Fitness Report along with Original Passport. After the receipt of the same we request the client to process their Visa.

1.1. Mobilization - Travel Processing & Deployment:

  • We will keep the candidates posted of the visa status so that they are ready for departures even at short notice.
  • We will complete travel formalities upon receipt of / endorsement of visa and inform clients regarding departure of candidates.

1.2. Orientation of Candidate before Departure:

  • We take particular care to ensure absolute compliance of our selected candidates. Hence, we give them a thorough orientation about their employers, working conditions, good manners and etiquette, details of cultural nuances, weather conditions etc. This, we believe, would help the candidates to acclimatize themselves to their working condition quickly and facilitate higher productivity.
  • We strictly adhere to our client's instructions at every stage of the recruitment and deploy the candidates within the stipulated time.

Audit Process

2.1. Request of Documentation:

  • Documentation relating to aspects of HR Is requested (establishment of the company, existence of accurate documentation in proper order, workers control, proper management of visas, accommodation inspection (Camp and cleanliness, security, activities, boarding control), control workers procedures examinations (in its broadest sense, as: attendance, documentation, legalization, holidays, wages, disciplinary actions, etc.), analysis of recruitment agencies and their way of working.
  • On-site inspection of the requested documents. Two weeks after the request of documentation, we proceed to the detailed study of the collected documentation.

2.2. Reports and proposal of corrective actions:

  • Ten to fifteen days after the on-site inspection of the documents, proceed to the preparation and delivery of a report with the conclusions drawn after the analysis. Also suggested corrective actions in case of being necessary.

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